Spinal Cord for Robotics

The easiest way to connect the brains of your phone to the brawn of robotics.

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Console Program

To use or program BotSpine, you power it up and then connect to it via Bluetooth LE devices. You can use the following, or you can write your own app. (How-to tutorials will be posted in the future):

Android app for BotSpine

BlueBasic app for iOS

BlueBasic app for OSX (We have not tested this one.)

All these apps let you type programs directly into the app and transmit them to BotSpine or issue one command at a time. In addition, the Android app lets you send saved programs to BotSpine. So, you can write the program in Notepad, transfer it to your phone and send it to BotSpine. (They have to be called either AAA.txt of BBB.txt and be saved in the BotSpine directory on your phone.)

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